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Made in Germany 

  • Injection moulded semi-transparent spiral buttons
  • PETG printed body, multi color or acrylic cover optional
  • Cherry MX low profile speed/silver switches (45cN, linear)
  • Customizable button layout, optional auxiliary buttons
  • PC/Xinput, Switch, PS3, PS4 (keys required), keyboard mode
  • PS5/XBox S/X compatible with optional passthrough port and dongle (not included and not officially supported by me)
  • 2m (6,5ft) long, braided USB-C to USB-A cable included
  • Metric: 250 x 130 x 11mm (15mm including buttons), 215g
  • Freedom units: 9.8" x 5.1" x 0.4" (0.55" including buttons), 7.6oz

More ergonomic 

After countless iterations I would consider this to be the second most ergonomic design I ever created, right after the AUXBOX. This variation has a modified "mixbox" layout, which is a variation of the classic leverless layout. The "Up" button not being a thumb button in that case, but being positioned above your resting left middle finger instead. Every single finger has its own place. Both hands are at a healthy angle and spaced out, without feeling cramped. No disorienting hovering, just lay your fingers on the buttons. Only minimal movement is necessary. Just the index, middle and ring finger have to switch between two rows. If necessary you can use the center button with your index finger.

More compact

It has the perfect travel size at 250x130mm and only 215g of weight. It is wide enough for comfortable lap play, but it's only 11mm high, which makes it perfect for desk play. Total height is 15mm including buttons, which makes it one of the slimmest controllers available.

More silent

Most leverless controllers use either cheap no-name switches or Kailh choc v1 or v2 switches. The latter are very solid switches and there are hotswap sockets available for them. But I wanted to create a controller that is a lot less noisy. That's why I decided to use high quality Cherry MX low profile silver switches, even if it means I have to hand solder them to the board. Watch this video that I made to compare the sound. I think it speaks for itself.

Better quality

The controller is assembled in Germany. The case and switches are also Made in Germany. I am constantly searching for way to make things better with a lot of attention to details. Be it ergonomics or trying to come up with designs that are pleasing to the eye. I always try to use the best quality plastics, buttons and switches and won't cheap out on components. You get what you pay for, which in this case also means you get superb quality control and that if you need support, you can directly talk to the one person, that actually designed and produced the controller.

Better software

This controller runs on the incredible GP2040-CE software. It has an easy to use webinterface to customize input methods or change button layouts. By default it's compatible with PC (XInput), Nintendo Switch, PS3, Xbox One, Keyboard. You can enable support for Playstation 4 (original controller and command line knowledge necessary) and also enable passthrough mode (passthrough port needed), which makes it compatible with Playstation 5 or Xbox One/S/X, if you plug in the appropriate dongle like a Mayflash MagicBoots. (no support for this from my side though)

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